Ehsan Yarshater Center for Iranian Studies at Columbia University

The formal dedication ceremony took place on October 25, 2018 at the Columbia University campus. Read the official Columbia University press release here.

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We award grants for academic research activities, lecture series and visiting positions, and publication projects.


We publish works on the Persianate world from a variety of authors and groups, and facilitate and support the publication of the Encyclopædia Iranica.

About the Persian Heritage Foundation

The Persian Heritage Foundation is a US-registered, non-political, non-governmental organization, formed by Professor Ehsan Yarshater, in 1983, which aims to support and promote research on all aspects of the Persianate world in the pre-Islamic as well as the Islamic period—a world that is not confined to the present boundaries of Iran, but that extends to Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Indian Subcontinent and, more recently, the wider Iranian diaspora, involving a multitude of languages, religions and cultures.

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