The Persian Heritage Foundation has historically published Persianate works from a variety of authors and groups. It holds copyright to numerous publications and successfully acquired Bibliotheca Persica Press, a former publisher of the Encyclopædia Iranica. Today, the PHF with its projects, including the History of Persian Literature series, continues its tradition of publishing and assisting those committed to publishing scholarly literature on the Persianate world.

Publications Series

Below are links to lists of PHF publications organized by series:

Persian Heritage SeriesTranslations of Persian Classics
Persian Studies SeriesMonographs on Iranian Studies
Persian Heritage Foundation
Modern Persian Literature SeriesTranslations of Contemporary Persian Writings
Columbia Lectures in Iranian Studies
Persian Art Series
Persian Text SeriesCritical Editions of Persian Texts
Biennial Ehsan Yarshater Lecture Series (SOAS)
Ehsan Yarshater Distinguished Lecture Series (Harvard University)
Biennial Ehsan Yarshater Lecture Series (UCLA)
Conférences d’Études Iraniennes Ehsan et Latifeh Yarshater (Paris, France)
A History of Persian Literature

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