A History of Persian Literature

Publications: A History of Persian Literature

  • Volume I: A General Introduction to Persian Literature, edited by J.T.P de Bruijn (2009)
  • Volume XVII: Companion Volume I:  The Literature of Pre-Islamic Iran, edited by Ronald E. Emmerick and Maria Macuch (2009)
  • Volume XVIII: Companion Volume II: Oral Literature of Iranian Languages, edited by Philip G. Kreyenbroek and Ulrich Marzolph (2010)
  • Volume X: Persian Historiography, edited by Charles Melville (2012)
  • Volume XI: Literature of the Early Twentieth Century From the Constitutional Period to Reza Shah, edited by Ali-Asghar Seyed-Gohrab (2015)
  • Volume IX: Persian Literature from Outside Iran. The Indian Subcontinent, Anatolia, Central Asia, and in Judeo-Persian, edited by John R. Perry (2018)
  • The next volume to be published is Volume II: Persian Lyric Poetry in the Classical Era, 800-1500: Ghazals, Panegyrics and Quatrains edited by Ehsan Yarshater (2019)

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