Persian Text Series

Publications: Persian Text Series

This series is the definitive edition of the Shahnameh, the 10th century Persian national epic by Ferdowsi, and edited by J. Khaleghi-Motlagh of the University of Hamburg.

Persian Text Series:

  • Ferdowsi. The Shahnameh (New Series, no. 1), critical edition by Djalal Khaleghi-Motlagh, Costa Mesa and New York: Mazda Publishers and Bibliotheca Persica, 1990.
  • Khaleghi-Motlagh, Djalal. Notes to the Shahnameh, volume 1 (in two parts), New York, Bibliotheca Persica, 2002.
  • Zakani, Obayd. Collected Works, (New Series, no. 2), critical edition by M. J. Mahdjoub, Bibliotheca Persica, 1999.

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